Consulting Services ~ Hong Kong Convention Compliance
Netpeckers can provide full compliance for your ship recycling yard requirements with respect to Hong Kong convention like:
Identification, audit and rating of ship recycling yards with respect to Hong Kong Convention for Authorization of Ship recycling facilities
Identification of hazardous waste with respect to Inventory of Hazardous waste  declared by ship owner
Implementing & documenting “Safe for entry”, “Safe for hot work”, “Statement of completion
Preparation of Ship Recycling Plan & Ship Recycling Facility Plan
Hazardous Waste Management Plan with respect to Inventory of Hazardous material
Green ship recycling contract preparation for ship owners
Online reporting system for compliance of yards on day to day basis for ship owners
Safe & Green Ship Recycling Tips
Calibration of oxygen and explosive gas detection instruments regular intervals. Benefit: Taking right decisions on whether it is safe to work or not.
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