1.  Amendment to ship recycling guideline 3-2-06
2.  Annex II shiprecylcing-inv-hazardous items list on board
3.  Guidelines on ship recycling resolution A981 (24)
4.  ILO guidelines on safety and health at ship breaking
5.  IMO convention on green & safe ship recycling
6.  IMO guidelines on ship recycling 4-3-04
7.  IMO guidelines to develop ship recycling plan
8.  Implementation of imo guidelines on ship recycling
9.  Industry code of practice for ship recycling
10.  Res Ship recycling 962 [1] (23)
11.  Technical guidelines for the environmentally sound management of full and partial dismantling of ships by basel
Safe & Green Ship Recycling Tips
Identification on all equipments as per resources list. Benefit: Faster and accurate maintenance of equipment for maintaining safe environment on yard.
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