Training Services ~ Asbestos Abatement System
Netpeckers has pre-designed training modules covering asbestos management which include:
How to identify asbestos containing material (ACM), Presumed Asbestos containing material (PACM) by going through Inventory of hazardous waste given by ship owner
Categorization of different class of asbestos work on board
Planning Asbestos Abatement project
Physical verification of material with respect to report
On board asbestos regulated area erection, decontamination and packing
Asbestos testing
Air sampling before, during and after asbestos handling with respect to Permissible Exposure Limits (PELS)
Health monitoring of asbestos workers
Protection of asbestos abatement personnel
Engineering controls during asbestos abatement
Safe & Green Ship Recycling Tips
All the pipes and hoses used for supply of oxygen, CNG, LPG and other flammable gases shall be of national quality mark. Benefit: Less chances of equipment failure leading to incidents on yard.
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