Training Services ~ Fire Fighting and Control System
Based on national and international standards, Netpeckers provides:
Assessment of fire hazards with respect to design of ship recycling yard
Review of existing fire pumps, fire extinguishers w.r.t. to national and international renowned requirements  for fire fighting and control
Design, installation and erection of fire fighting system on yard
Training on fire fighting and control include:
+ Understanding types of fire on ship and yard
+ Types of hydrants for different types of fire
+ Fire prevention program
+ Fire mock drills
+ Fire fighting team
+ Personnel protection during fire and PPE for fire fighters
+ Getting and managing on time external help during fires
+ Maintenance of fire fighting system
Safe & Green Ship Recycling Tips
Maintenance of nozzles every fortnight & cutting guns every 3 months and replacement if required. Benefit: No back fires during steel cutting.
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