Training Services ~ Toxic / Flammable Gas Detection System
Various options available today for toxic/ flammable gas detection are
Stand alone detection meters
Fixed gas detection and alarm systems
Netpeckers provides complete solution from design, installation and training of stand alone and fixed gas detection and alarm systems.  Based on the design of ship recycling yard, we suggest the best solution suitable to you. Pre designed training modules include:
Physical verification of material with respect to report
Understanding flammability and possibilities of incidents with various flammable gases
Early signals of toxic and flammable gases
Dos and donts during incidents
Personnel protection from gas hazards
Mock drills for effective control
Safe & Green Ship Recycling Tips
All the pipes and hoses used for supply of oxygen, CNG, LPG and other flammable gases shall be of national quality mark. Benefit: Less chances of equipment failure leading to incidents on yard.
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